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Open Bar vs Cash Bar

As you're deciding on what you want to offer your guests for your special day, here's Taylor Made's take on the subject: We don't do cash bars!

It is obviously your event and you have to chose the best option for you. Here's why Taylor Made doesn't prefer to doing a ca bar:


Since our clients are ultimately responsible for providing their own alcohol, the cash collected belongs to the client. We simply don't want to be responsible for your money.

Guest Experience

The event experience is different than your usual bar experience. Setting up how guest will pay for their drinks is already a headache to begin with because it's not something we already have in place. In addition, taking payment slows down the slow of service and ultimately will effect the guest experience. For example, a wedding crowd will attack the bar the moment the ceremony commences. Just imagine 100-200 guests at the bar at one time! This would be challenging for even the most experienced bartenders.

Discourages Guests to visit the bar.

Every event is a celebration of some sort and we take pride in being an important part in this celebration. We want your guests to drink... responsibly of course. History tells us that guests frequent the bar much less at an event where they're made to purchase their drinks.

Many people think going with a cash bar saves them money in the end. Budget is the main factor when it comes to a client electing to go with a cash bar. This is because many clients are just misinformed. There's so many bartenders and companies that merely give clients an estimate of alcohol cost based on merely numbers. Taylor Made does not use this method. We have been successful keeping client's alcohol budget down without sacrificing the quality of the experience.

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