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Meet Our
Chief Executive Bartender

Evan Taylor 

With over 20 years in the service industry, Taylor has spent almost his entire working life in the field. He has served in various roles in the front of the house, including 15 years behind the bar. To add to his versatility, he has also served in a variety of restaurant entities across the Hampton Roads area. Whether it's a casual restaurant, high volume bar, or an intimate fine dining experience, Taylor has thrived in all environments. Both Taylor and his staff all possess a guest-first attitude.

"Experience doesn't ensure quality. Ultimately, It's our attitude that will determine our performance, and our commitment to excellence in everything we do. In service, it's most important to "care". We must always prioritize the guest experience. This is what separates us....not our time on the job".


  - Evan Taylor


About Us

  • Founded December 2021

  • Over 10,000 guests served

  • 150 events booked

  • 75 weddings booked

  • 20 % client referral rate

  • Preferred Vendor at several venues across Hampton Roads area

  • Events in 20 cities and 3 states

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