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A Taylor Made Approach to Service

What makes Taylor Made Bartending Services different?

There's so many bartending services out there and so many talented bartenders. So what makes Taylor Made special? Why have we been so successful booking events in our first two years in business?

The Staff

Taylor Made's staff is handpicked by the owner and Chief Executive Bartender, Evan Taylor. Many of these idividuals are former co-workers and have decades of experience in the service industry, but that is not the primary trait that Taylor looks for in his staff members. Over everything else, Taylor values character, work ethic, and a positive attitude over experience. The mission is clealy emphasized to every team member at the very beginning.

Our Mission

One of the things that Taylor noticed early on is that we were actually doing more than just bartending. This is not just another bartending job. Every weekend we were apart of someones special day. Whether we're apart of a wedding, grand opening, or birthday party; every event is we our apart of is one of the most important times in that particular client's life. This is when Taylor Made's mission started to evolve.

The Process

Taylor Made goes through the same process with each and every client where we gain as much information about every event. We do this to ensure that we make every event as special as possible. Not only are the details essential to the aestetic outcome of the event, but our planning takes into account the operational, functional, financial, and intagible variables or the event. Every event is booked, planned, and staffed by the owner.

Exceeding Expectations

Taylor Made has a natural commitment to excellence and being impressive is embeded in our brand. From the way we prepare, the way we dress, the quality of our product, or our service; we expect to do a great job and be impressive. It's just what we do. We are the party and we understand the assignment! They will remember Taylor Made was there!

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